Thursday, September 11, 2008

A kinda, sorta Beard Off update

Or more like, a tale of how work continues to slowly seep into my personal life and I better watch how I behave or dress while out and about because I am no longer safe in New York. Oh, and it's also a sorely needed update on this blog that I've been neglecting:

Ran into mixologist and Plymouth Gin brand ambassador Simon Ford at the movies a weekend or two ago. No, I really mean I just bumped into him. It wasn't prearranged at all. One moment I'm settling into my seat getting ready to watch "The Dark Knight" because I was at Tales the weekend it came out and by the time I was in New York again everyone I knew and their moms had already watched it (in some cases twice), the next I'm saying hi to Simon Ford sitting in the seat next to mine.

Things of this nature are beginning to happen with alarming frequency now. I was waiting outside Mercury Lounge on Sunday to get into the Tokyo Police Club "secret show" and wound up bumping into superstar pastry chef Johnny Iuzzini and his very nice and very beautiful girlfriend. No, like, seriously, it's bananas how amazing she looks. She's willowy with glowing, sunkissed skin and dark hair and always looks like she's wearing little to no makeup with just this amazing bone structure and seems so chill and is all kinds of nice and gorgeous...aaaaannnnnd, great, I just outed myself as totally having a girlcrush on Johnny Iuzzini's girlfriend.

Anyhow, back to Simon Ford, when I saw him his beard was coming in in a pretty serious manner. He informed me that Allen Katz was already reaching epic bearddom early on in the game.

So yea, these people are NOT playing. Mr. Bret Thorn was telling me about how he visited Death and Co. last night, and reported on the continued plucky fierceness of Alex Day's beard.

Go, go, go, gentleman! Continue on with your quest towards hirsute glory!


Johnny Iuzzini said...

Thanks for the sweet words. My gorgeous girlfriend's name is Lucinda Sterling. She is amazing on every level and I am a very very lucky man. Wait- are you moving in on my territory- should I be nervous!!!!

Sonya Moore said...

I think you are very much safe. I really don't think there's any way for me to compete.