Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If you want Shake Shack and don't want the lines?

Now would certainly be the time to head out there. On Monday I decided to head down there to take a picture of the Hot Vanilla to feature as our Featured Beverage of the Month. I was expected to stand in a long line in the cold since this was the first time Shake Shack was open for the winter. In a bid to make sure whether or not the place was really open, I checked the Shake Shack webcam.

There wasn't a crowd. It didn't help that it was starting to get dark and looked a bit overcast out. I saw one or two people walk past, sometimes pausing to peer in the direction of the Shack with a confused look.

"Well, that could mean anything," I thought. "Either they're confused as to why the Shake Shack is open in winter or the place is closed."

Luckily, they were open and I got to snag a Hot Vanilla. No lines! I just ambled up to the window and ordered. The Hot Vanilla comes in just one size, but I think anything larger would be overkill. I thought it was a pretty interesting winter item since it uses existing ingredients. As I was snapping away at the Hot Vanilla, several more people came up. One woman with a stroller ordered a chocolate shake saying, "I just really need one right now."