Friday, July 23, 2010

Drinking's dandy and all, but time for some food porn

or, 'What's with all the Dutch angles?' Look I was sitting at the table/bar business by the kitchen and I was trying to not bump into the people next to me, and that just makes it hard to control your angles know what, here's some pictures

Dinner at Cochon, Thursday night

Fried boudin with pickeled peppers

Hog head cheese, compliments of the kitchen. I haven't had hog head cheese in a while. My dad's from Mississipppi, so he used to love time he decided we should make some because he decided the stuff from the store was just not up to snuff. If you want your kids growing up not afraid of any protein ever, have them help you pull apart a boiled hog's head, and like go through picking out teeth and whatnot.

Spicy grilled pork ribs with watermelon pickles

Mac and cheese

Earlier (WAY earlier) in the day I had breakfast provided by the folks from Piedmont Distillers. Makers of Midnight Moon Carolina Moonshine. So when I saw The Boss Hogg on the drink menu, I had to give it a try.

The Boss Hogg - Midnight Moon Carolina Moonshine, Square One cucumber vodka, fresh watermelon juice

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