Friday, February 12, 2010

NYC Cocktail All-Stars: A Night for Old-Timers at PDT

So it snowed on Wednesday. A lot. That wasn't going to keep me from going to the third and last Cocktail All-Stars event. If I could make it into the office, I sure as hell could make it to a PDT.

"You came just in time to miss my turn," John Deragon said reproachfully from behind the bar by the time I'd finished cross-countrying my way in. It was still snowing when I slipped and slid my way along to the “Old-Timers Night: An Old-Fashioned Experience". Older gentlemen and aged spirits behind the bar.

I'd missed a couple of others, like James Menite, but there were still other bartenders to come. The format of the event was four hours, 12 bartenders, 20 minutes behind the bar each.

Dave Wondrich kicked it old, old-school in Wondrich style and made a Jerry Thomas style gin cocktail with genever, aromatic bitters and gum arabic syrup. Toby Cecchini's drink incorporated both White Whiskey from Death's Door (made with red winter wheat)and corn whiskey, creating a distinctive flavor.

I honestly wish I could've stayed, for the full evening (I came pretty close), but I basically came in for the middle and peaced out since I had to slip and slide my way back up to Queens. So to make up for my lack of words (some of you are probably breathing a sigh of relief), I instead present to you some pictures:


Pantagruel said...

Hi, I think I was right next to you at the bar when John Deragon told you yo u missed his turn. I cleverly deduce that because I heard him say it. Thanks for the pics, I didn't take any (other than a couple flashless iPhone shots), but I did log a fairly complete compendium of all the drinks, if you want to check them out:

We managed to make it the whole night, but we didn't have to drag ourselves far to get home.

Sonya Moore said...

Thanks for the additional info!