Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring cocktails at Bobo

March 24

Naren Young sent out an email to remind folks in the industry to stop by Bobo for an official debut of sorts for the joint's spring cocktails. Naren told me that the drinks have been slowly introduced prior to the call for the get together, but tonight was the first time that they were gathered all in one place.

There are fifteen on the menu, all priced at $13 dollars, with flavor combinations and names like Tropic Thunder (cachaca, coconut, pineapple, kaffir lime) and That Kumquat Thing (42 Below, aperol, grapefruit, kumquat jam).

Naren said that the personality of Bobo calls for more food-friendly drinks that aren't too spirits heavy. He pointed out the closest thing to a boozy cocktail on the menu would be something like The Fordham, made with gin, St. Germain, dry sherry, cucumber and lime.

"The crowds aren't looking for anything too heavy or boozy," he said of guests expectations, though that does not mean that the cocktail menu is wimpy in any way or put together without much thought.

I dipped my toe into the menu Happy Hollow (Maker's Mark, peach, ginger, passion fruit and apple). Very smooth and easy with just slight prickles on your tongue and throat to remind you there's ginger in it.

I then tried out the Sanguine (Campari, solerno, fresh blood orange and sparkling rosé).

It basically tasted like a very good blood orange soda you would get at a specialty store or gourmet grocery. A little acidic, a little bit of fizz, not too sweet, and a slight bitterness made me think it'd be really good with a burger or something.

"I wanted to do something with rosé that nobody was really doing with in cocktails," Naren said, and added that the drink's been getting a lot of good responses.

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