Wednesday, November 19, 2008

White Star cornering the market on media-approved hotness?

A little while ago, New York Magazine's Look Book section featured Colin Donahue, who besides being a set designer, also happens to be a partner in White Star. Throughout the day, several people either a) asked me about the guy and if I knew him, b) forwarded me this by email to talk to me about option a, or c) gave me the actual physical copy of the magazine to talk to me about option a.

Fast forward to today when a friend sends me a link to Jezebel's list of "everyday" sexypants dudes. YMMV on what their definition of everyday is, but that's a whole other argument.

My friend Marc asked, "Is the S---- P-------- they list the same S---- you write about?"

Cue to me hurriedly scrolling down to number nine in the top ten to see a familiar face.

Ambience Chaser's Elizabeth Licata had to aptly comment, "Well, good looking bartenders are part of the ambience, right?"

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