Thursday, August 14, 2008

Christmas in the August!

I ordered some bar supplies a little while ago to try and get my hands dirty at home since I've been doing a lot of reading and rereading of cocktail books. If elementary school science fairs taught me anything, you can't just have a question, a hypothesis and research. You kind of have to have an experiment too before you get to the conclusion. Or else you get only a B- for what you thought was a totally sweet project that you worked on all on your own after getting the idea from an episode of Beakman's World and the first place ribbon goes to some kid whose parents built him a working rain forest ecosystem. His dad even got his secretary to type up and collate the report into a fancy plastic business folder while you had to painstakingly write yours up on ruled notebook paper even though you know you always got low scores in penmanship.

Well, who's laughing now? I got my Big Ol' Box O' Strainers, Shakers and Things and I'll show you experimenting. Let's see your parents try and whittle you a muddler.

For home taste-testing I can skip getting glassware for now I suppose, but I'm going to have to invest in some in the future. Anybody got any suggestions for a place to get some decent glassware? I don't need anything fancy like a cutesy 70s retro vector art type things with stylized olives or rocket ships or "It's Mommy's 'Medicine' Time!" emblazoned on the side that one might find at a place like Crate and Barrel or Urban Outfitters. Just sturdy, basic things.


Elizabeth Licata said...

I recommend getting married. You can register for all sorts of glassware, and people like to buy it for you because it is interesting. In my experience, though, you will have to deal with at least two mothers calling and saying, "What do you need all those glasses for? Why didn't you register for any plates?"

If that's not your bag, Nick and I use ebay and the salvation army a lot for glassware. We like vintage stuff, and stuff that doesn't match, and it's usually pretty inexpensive.

Sonya Moore said...

Can you keep wedding presents once the wedding's been annulled? I guessing it's OK as long as you write a thank you note, right?

"We, well, actually, I, really appreciate the Riedel glasses, but we orchestrated all this for the loot. The (soon to be ex-)mister really loves his new ATV. I still can't decide if I'm surprised or disappointed that you actually bought such a suspicious item off a wedding registry. We're still cool, right? One love."