Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tales of the Cocktail 2008: Photos from the juice line

I was going to bust these out at a later date once I got through with some other photos I took of Tales and do a comprehensive photo blog entry, but I've been catching up to things at the office and my other two updates are slow in coming together. So here's something to tide you over for now.

Don Lee was nice enough not only to send me some photos he took of the juice line, but I also have permission to reproduce them here. He instructed me to make note that "the photos were at 9am and that they juiced 26 cases of fruit that day alone."

A mountain of citrus

from l-r: Armando Archundia, Thomas Waugh, Jim Kearns, Chris Hannah, Alex Day, Ryan Fitzgerald, Rhiannon Enlil

Breakfast of Champions

from l-r: Thomas Waugh, Jim Kearns, Alex Day and Ryan Fitzgerald. Yes, that's Ryan soaking a cookie with the communal Rittenhouse Rye. Supposedly, several food items were doused with rye whiskey over the course of Tales and I've heard from two different sources that cold beignets taste the best with the rye treatment. I haven't tried it, but my hypothesis is it would be like a baba au rhum, or baba au rye if you please.

from l-r (at least with the faces I can see): Jim Kearns, Alex Day, Joaquin Simo, Kimberly Patton-Bragg, Armando Archundia

from l-r: Rhiannon Enlil, Jim Kearns, Thomas Waugh, Alex Day, Peter Vestinos, and face not visible, but I know that's Jacquelyn Leon

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