Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It has begun!

For once, something not about alcohol.

Making my way to work, walking down Lexington, I get stop at the Starbucks betweetn 57th and 58th because they had a dude standing out with their freebie tray and those mini cups they use for giving out sample. Busy commuters weren't really paying much mind but I heard him say Vivanno and I thought, "OH SNAP THE NEW SMOOTHIE!" and quickly grabbed one. Didn't get the Chocolate Banana though, it was mango. There was a slight, almost savory, tinge in the back of it. And I don't mean the slight metallic taste from the banana (both have flavors have bananas in them). I don't know if savory is exactly it, but it's a little something you detect on your tongue. Maybe the protein powder? It could just be the flavor of the juice they use. Not too sweet at all though admittedly, I just had a little bit and I'm not sure if such a small size is really a fair way to...

Oh wait, gotta go. Looks like we're having an impromptu tasting here in the office at the moment.

...and I'm back. Got to try the Chocolate Banana flavor as well and there's something muted in that flavor that I can't quite put my finger on. It's not exactly something bad, but it's definitely something you notice. But after having tried some more the "not that sweet" verdict still stands.

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